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Pierogarnia Mandu Gdańsk Główny

Elżbietańska 4/8, Gdańsk, Pomorskie

+48 58 300 00 00

First dumplings

Since our early age, being big fans of dumplings made by our grandmother, we knew that there is something special in this traditional polish dish, that you can’t get bored with them.

We decided to unravel their secret and so from combination of passion, love for dumplings, hard work and perseverance Mandu was created.

Second dumplings

Respecting polish dumplings tradition we do our best with help of flavour to recall childhood memories of our customers when they were tucking their grandmothers dumplings. However hunger for knowledge and interest for new tastes made us go one step further. It is characteristic of dumplings that stuffing as well as dough are limited only by our imagination. Setting off on our culinary-dumpling travel around the world we made it to South Korea, where we bumped into Korean Mandu dumplings…

Third dumplings

Rich with experience and in love with dumplings we created a place where whole world turns itself around dumplings. We gave our knowledge to housewives, who mastered modeling of dumplings to perfection. Thanks to it they can prepare excellent traditional dumplings as well as those from different parts of the world. Mixture of routine, youth, passion, perfectionism, parts of polish tradition, puff of international cuisine- all this you will find in Mandu.

Pierogarnia Mandu, located in Gdańsk Główny, serves:

  • traditional boiled dumplings,
  • sweet dumplings,
  • dumplings from light yeast dough from the oven,
  • dumplings from around the world,
  • vege dumplings,
  • soups,
  • salads,
  • desserts,
  • tea specials
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

all available in one place!

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