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Hair & body salon Beverly Poznan

3 Maja 47, Poznań, Wielkopolskie

+48 61 852 12 82

The Hair & Body Salon Beverly

is a place with a long tradition, where experience fits with modern technologies.

Since 1997, we take care of physiognomy and well-being of our customers at a fixed location, the charming, century building at 3 May 47 st. in Poznan.

Over the years, we have built not only experience, but also trust, which is proven by our customers. In the Hair & Body Salon Beverly enjoying the relaxed atmosphere allows you to simultaneously relax the body and mind. Barbers and stylists working on measures reputable companies like Paul Mitchell, Kevin Murphy, Matrix, GK HAIR, JOICO, Olaplex, UPPERCUT DELUXE.

Our offer includes:

  • women, men, kids cuts;
  • hair restoration,
  • coloring,
  • balajage,
  • tone-on-tone coloring,
  • gray toning men without the effect of red,
  • hair pinning,
  • curls,
  • waves,
  • permanent hair,
  • straightening treatment (durability of up to six months).
Day Spa offers professional equipment for Thermage treatments, microdermabrasion diamond peeling cavitation endermology and muscle electrical stimulation treatments. We also use cosmetics brands like Repêchage, Thalion, Thalasso, ThalaSpa, declare, Jean D'Arcel, Natinuel. In our salon beauticians and therapists work with many years of experience.

Treatments in our Day Spa include:

  • Electrostimulation,
  • Endermologie,
  • Therapeutic massages,
  • Acids & Interactive Acids,
  • Microdermabrasia,
  • Secret of Snail,
  • Power of Snake Venom,
  • Ultrasonic,
  • Lifting Treatments,
  • Piercing,
  • Manicure,
  • Eye Lashes Extensions.

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